Infrared thermometer Manufacturer

Infrared Thermometer

We have been make 26 injection molds to produce the infrared Thermometer gun due the Coronavirus issue world outbreak, we can produce 20K Infrared Thermometer guns per day, to do the fast and acurate bady temperature measuring, Infrared Thermometer is oen of the best device to hlep our people wokring fast, our good have been passed CE certificate and other checking report. if you are looking for Infrared Thermometer guns for your country, please contact us to get a price ,

disposable face masks

Disposable Face Mask

At first we have one disposable Face Mask manufacturing line, normally this is enough for the market demands. Since Coronavirus issue happened, disposable face masks are the most help product to protect you from Coronavirus and been one of the hot-selling products in the world, today we have 3 production line for disposable face masks, every time we coudl produce 0.3 million products, all of our goods are passed the certificate, and CE certificate, if you are looking for some disposable for your country, please contact us to get price.

KN 95 disposable face mask

N95  Face Mask

N95 face mask is one of the best face masks on the market, it is good to protect your health been affected by Coronavirus issue, we have been added 3 production line for N95 face mask manufacturing,we have two type of models for you to choose, all N95 face masks have been passed the certificate and CE passed. If you are looking for N95 face masks for your country, you are welcome to contact us, we will offer you a good price.

We can wholesale some of the disposable face masks, Respirator Mask, N95 face mask, FFP 2/FFP3 face mask,  and infrared thermometer for your needs due to the Global outbreak of Coronavirus, contact us by [email protected]

Since End of 2019, the Coronavirus attacked Wuhan of China, face masks become urgent Medical substance, base on our government and the disease requirement in China, there are lots of needs of disposable  face masks and infrared thermometer to support our doctors and the people in China,

Shenzhen Olayer Technology (CNM TECH Co.Ltd) is the company have been started in 2014 which is a manufacturer medical parts at the first beginning, Like disposable face Mask, KN 95 face masks, infrared thermometer gun at first, we have our own plastic injection mold and molding machines to make the plastic molding parts for the no contact thermometers, at the first we have a few production lines for the disposable face mask and KN 95 respirator masks.

We have been added extra five disposable face mask and N95 face mask manufacturer line ( two of them for KN 95 disposable face masks) and 26 sets of infrared thermometer molds and assembly line immediately to support our country, to control the disease in the min spread, we have added 10 disposable face masks manufacturing production line, that could produce around 1 million face mask per day to support our people. 

Today the Coronavirus has been controlled by our government, hero, and our angels, To prevent us from this Coronavirus, the disposable face mask is one of the important things to protect our people in China, 

There was a patient in China had been effected Coronavirus disease by 15 seconds without wearing the mask, because he was on the shop market and meet a person only 15 seconds and been affected, you should know how important to wear the face masks when you in the public area.

As we all know Coronavirus has been a Global outbreak, especially Italy, Japan, South Korea, Iran, and the world countries. I believe right now to control the affection speeding from the Coronavirus, wearing a disposable face mask and use the infrared thermometer to check the temperature will be the most important thing for hospitals, doctor and some public places, 

Since the Global outbreak of Coronavirus, disposable face masks and infrared thermometer gun will be hard to buy on the world of the market, To support the market we could offer some of the infrared thermometer guns and disposable face masks. if you are looking for some N95 disposable face masks or disposable face masks, and infrared thermometer gun for your people, hospitals, doctors, or government, you could contact us to get the price,

All of our goods have CE certificate documents, you could contact to know more information

We hope all of the countries in the world that could work together as a team to solve this Coronavirus issue very soon, good luck.

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